12.29 is proud to partner
with LIMOGES. Together, we have
created a signature bisque procelain
candle jar custom to 12.29. Through a
hand-made process, each jar is
molded, fired and finished at
the LIMOGES factory in


Never leave a candle burning
unattended. Keep lit candles out of
reach from children and pets. Cut the
wick to 5 or 6mm and maintain this length
throughout the lifetime of the candle. Ensure the
wick stays in the center of the candle. Extinguish any
candle that smokes excessively. Do not burn the candle
on a flammable surface. Remove all packaging
before burning and place on heat resistant
surface. Do not let the candle burn for
more than three hours


The 12.29 porcelain jar is
very fragile. Please place securely
on table or solid surface. To clean the
porcelain between usage or before
refilling, let the wax cool, then wipe
the inside of the jar with a
soft cleanser and cloth.


When the orignal candle is
finished, empty the remaining wax
completely by placing the 12.29
porcelain jar in the refrigerator until the
wax shrinks and discard. Clean the
jar and place the refill inside.
On initial burn, the wax
will fill the jar