12.29 is the premier olfactive
branding firm that designs custom scents
for luxury brands. In a world where branding
is everything, smell is the sole remaining sense that
can directly influence how a consumer regards a brand.
Smell has been noted as the most powerful and emotional of all
the senses. In combination with other marketing cues, scent can
heighten brand connection, create stronger communication and deepen
brand loyalty. 12.29 designs signature scents for hospitality venues, retail
environments, financial institutions, fashion shows, special events and private homes.

12.29's Scent Director, DAWN GOLDWORM is an olfactive expert in
the Western, Asian, Middle East and LATAM fragrance
markets while SAMANTHA GOLDWORM, 12.29's
Business Director, is a branding and marketing
research lead. Together, their complimentary
expertise creates a solid foundation for
the success of 12.29 as an olfactive
branding venture.